How to teach children organize their toys

If you are a parent, you are sure to know how difficult it is to make a child to keep his or her toys in order and how annoying it can be when you do not succeed in that. Don’t worry. You should remember that a child needs to learn organisation skills because they do not come naturally. The first thing you need to do is to get down to your kid’s level and to analyze what organisation tricks will work. In this blog, will give you some recommendations on how to teach your child to organise toys.

Don’t forget that your priority is safety. That is why keep our child’s favourite toys on the lowest shelves to prevent him or her from climbing for them. Baskets should be small enough for the child to be able to move them.

Teach your child to put away toys he or she does not need anymore during day breaks. This way, children learn to have only those toys around with which they are currently playing.

Your kid does not yet know what to do and how to do it, so you should find out what he or she understands concerning organisation. Do not reject your child’s ideas because they will tell you what is the most convenient way for him or her to keep toys.

Before getting down to organising, explain how to do it and turn the process into a game. You can label boxes with pictures (dolls, stuffed toys, cars, etc.) and group toys together. You can accompany the process with music or songs to make it enjoyable.

Finally, try to shop for storage items together. This way you will make your child feel important in decision-making.

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